Curious contraption: The Eye-Pod

Dr Grimm's Eye Pod

Coming via technabob, the Frankenstein-inspired Eye-Pod is a fully functional 1st generation ipod nano which can be worn by a leather wrist strap or mounted on its speaker base, complete with its own Victrola horn. A retractable USB cord is hidden away in the base and you can choose tracks by manipulating its optic-control.

Dr Grymm’s Eye-Pod is currently on display at the Oxford History of Science Museum’s Steampunk exhibition, running until 21 February 2010. Dr Grymm himself is a man of twisted genius, his creations are a marvelously macabre mix of horror and Victoriana. I particularly love his Edgar Allan Poe Nightmare Inducer.

I’m visiting the exhibit next week so expect a full report soon…

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  1. Thank you very much for Posting this. You might also want to keep an eye on my blog as preperations are underway for my second annual Steampunk Bizarre Exhibit featuring 23 International Steampunk Artists. The updated Poe Nightmare inducer will be unveiled there as well as a new Brainstorm Machine. And A new oiece of “EYE” candy as well…

    ~Dr. Grymm

  2. P.S.S. This might be a better link to view and hear the Poe Nightmare Inducer:

    And perhaps you might also enjoy the Amelia Earhart Navigational System:

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