What every iPhone needs… a corset?

Karline's 'sexy' iPhone corset

If you’re under the impression that your iPhone isn’t a sexy enough piece of technology while not give it a little oh-la-la-la with a bespoke corset. Instant steampunk?

Head over to Urban Threads for the tutorial.

Of course there are other iPhone options from a steampunky vinyl skin or even an application of nail varnish. Hmmm. Not sure about that last one.

Can’t make my mind up on this iPhone stand either.

There must be a cool iPhone modification out there somewhere?

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Curious contraptions: The HP SteamBook

What do you do when you want to read steampunk text adventures on something bigger than your iPod? Wait to buy the new Apple iPad?

Of course not.

You pull out the old Hewlett Packard HP320LX palmtop that’s been gathering dust in the cupboard. The 4MB palmtop hails from 1997 and ran on the failed operating system Windows CE 1.0. Useless, you say? Obsolete you say? Not with a 19th century makeover.

That’s what this alaskan steampunker did, throwing in a $3 leather case to complete the look.

The result is quite lovely really.

To read the creator’s original tale head over to the The Queen’s Arctic Expeditionary League

Have you added a little victorian class to a modern device?
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dying to share?
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Curious contraption: The Eye-Pod

Dr Grimm's Eye Pod

Coming via technabob, the Frankenstein-inspired Eye-Pod is a fully functional 1st generation ipod nano which can be worn by a leather wrist strap or mounted on its speaker base, complete with its own Victrola horn. A retractable USB cord is hidden away in the base and you can choose tracks by manipulating its optic-control.

Dr Grymm’s Eye-Pod is currently on display at the Oxford History of Science Museum’s Steampunk exhibition, running until 21 February 2010. Dr Grymm himself is a man of twisted genius, his creations are a marvelously macabre mix of horror and Victoriana. I particularly love his Edgar Allan Poe Nightmare Inducer.

I’m visiting the exhibit next week so expect a full report soon…

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Curious contraptions: A novel approach

The ultimate notebook

Remember those old VHS video cases that were designed to make your tapes look like high-brow books on the bookshelf. Well here’s the 21st century equivalent. The nattily-titled Book Book disguises your MacBook as a leather-bounded hardback. Throw away your slick, modern neoprene case and slip the laptop within the Book Book’s vintage trappings. No-one will ever suspect you’re carrying a grand’s worth of kit under you arm plus your pride and joy will be safe from scratches and scrapes. Each book is hand-distressed meaning that no two volumes are ever the same.

Instant steampunkery. Of sorts. And just in time for the iPad.

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Curious contraptions: 1989 Gameboy

The DMG-01

The DMG-01

One of most endearing aspects of the steampunk genre is the creativity it brings out in people. There’s something about it that really fires the imagination, especially when it comes to the intricate Jules Verne stylings that artists give every day modern objects.

Take this old 1989 GameBoy for example. A real blast from my personal past in the first place, but console customiser Thretris has taken retro to the extreme with this ornate, distressed facelift. All of the buttons still work, all those burnished cogs and delicate engraving added for sheer effect. You’ve got to love the attention to detail when the artist goes so far as to add an orange LED because it seems more in keeping. The entire mod took Thretris a week to complete.

For more images of the steampunked DMG-01 head over here.

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