Sherlock Holmes versus all kinds of madness

A lot of people I know have moaned about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie, claiming that it wasn’t true to Conan Doyle’s creation. This, of course, is complete poppycock and only goes to show that they have never read any of the stories. One chap was incensed that Holmes would use any form of violence, let alone in a boxing match. True, none of the short stories have shown such a graphic scene but we know from  The Sign of Four that Holmes is a bit tasty when it comes to bare-knuckle boxing.

If people thought that Richie’s offering was not in keeping with Holmes and co then what the blazes are they going to make of this?

So Watson kept the story of a mechanical fire-breathing dragon, rogue T-Rex, sea monsters and an steampunky Iron Man out of the journals in deference to Holmes’ wishes did he?

This looks truly terrible and utterly bonkers.

I therefore have to see it. Apparently that will be possible after January 26th. Hang on. That’s today. Hurrah!

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