A Gentleman’s Duel

A funny little diversion for a Wednesday morning. Blur Studio’s A Gentleman’s Duel has it all – pompous aristocrats, vicious poodles, giant steam-powered battle robots and ridiculously bouncy boobs. Enjoy!

There is a great interview with Tim Miller and David Stinnett of Blur about A Gentleman’s Duel here if you want to find out more.

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Cool cheetah couriers

Weighing in a 18 kilos this spectacular cheetah was produced by Andrew Chase over a period of 10 weeks (around 60 hours in total) and measures 127cm from nose to tail. Part of his ‘Timmy’ project, the robot cheetahs are used a couriers around a steampunked underworld. The crazy Timmy universe is poulated by hulking elephants and telescopic giraffes. Timmy itself is a cute little robot Trionic Morphatractable Engineer (or TME to its mates).

The motion captured film before shows what the cheetah sculpture would look like mid-run.

The steamblog is looking forward to more marvels in Andrew’s mechanical menagerie.

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