A Miscellany of Steampunk

Front cover of Irregular, issue two by Vyctoria Hart

Illustrator Vyctoria Hart has launched a new series of steampunk portraits over at her Deviantart site. A new entry in her Miscellany of Steampunk will be posted every week. Based in Yorkshire, UK, Vyctoria creates artwork based on a world where the British Empire has reached for the stars and established colonies on Mars, Venus and Jupiter’s moon, Io. It is a haunting mix of steampunk and art nouveau, beautifully realised in photoshop.

This week’s is entitled the Reanimator and comes with the following macabre annotation from the artist:

Have you noticed that your beloved is not quite so lively as once she was?
Do you miss her witty conversation, winning smile, rosy complexion and vigorous pulse?
Are you not yet willing to give her up to the arms of Death?
Then you need Doctor Herbert West’s “Reanimator Curative Compound”
Guaranteed to restore the vitality and vigor to the most cadaverous companion

To explore more of Vyctoria’s art check out her web site at phantoms-siren.com and her art blog. Vyctoria was also the subject of an interview in the third edition of role playing game online magazine, Irregular.

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