Curious contraptions: 1989 Gameboy

The DMG-01

The DMG-01

One of most endearing aspects of the steampunk genre is the creativity it brings out in people. There’s something about it that really fires the imagination, especially when it comes to the intricate┬áJules Verne stylings that artists give every day modern objects.

Take this old 1989 GameBoy for example. A real blast from my personal past in the first place, but console customiser Thretris has taken retro to the extreme with this ornate, distressed facelift. All of the buttons still work, all those burnished cogs and delicate engraving added for sheer effect. You’ve got to love the attention to detail when the artist goes so far as to add an orange LED because it seems more in keeping. The entire mod took Thretris a week to complete.

For more images of the steampunked DMG-01 head over here.

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