Blast a buffoon

I’m off to Oxford today to visit the Museum of the History of Science’s Steampunk exhibit so in the meantime why don’t you have a go at blasting your chums with Dr Grordbort’s patented Blast a Buffoon. Simply upload their picture and fire away using one of three singularly futuristic weapons.

You can choose:

  • The Righteous Bison

    The Righteous Bison, which will cause your target to burst open like a poisonous pustule. According to the brochure the Bison “is about the same weight as a small brown trout (or two pints of Pale Ale) and can be fired continuously without exhausting the sportsman.”

  • The Victorious Mongoose

    The Victorious Mongoose that will reduce them to a pile of charred bones. The world’s first concealable ray gun is “able to project a conical emission for up to seventeen yards, the Victorious Mongoose will obliterate four pounds of Budgerigars in three fascinating seconds.” Golly.

  • The Pearce 75 Atom Ray Gun

    or the Pearce 75 Atom Ray Gun which will quite literally leave them in pieces. Like all of Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators┬áthe gun is “the perfect addition to a gentleman’s study or a deterring centerpiece for a lady’s powder room or chiffonier.”

OK, so the flash game itself may get all-too-tedious all-too-soon, but the rest of Dr. Grordbort’s emporium deserves a browse. These replica weapons, designed by Greg Broadmore, may be a little of the expensive side for your casual steampunker (my wife raises eyebrows when I spend our hard-earned dosh on Doctor Who toys. Imagine what she would say if I returned home to tell her I had forked out $155 on my very own Righteous Bison blaster?) but you have to admire the loving care the site has been put together. Did you know for example that the material used to fashion the weapons – Imitation Metal – is a light-weight compound that looks and feels remarkably like plastic under Earth conditions. Funny that.

Discover how you can arm yourself against the Moon Men by heading over to Dr. Grodbort’s.

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